The aesthetics of a room is the result of the interaction between architecture and interior design.

Beauty is balanced by well-being. I have always been driven by the desire to remove the ordinary from things that surround me, and to embellish them.

I obtained my first inspirations during my previous activities in the international 5* hotel business. There I came to know and appreciate elegance using magnificent historic styles and the love for details.

I received my qualification in Paris at the renowned Institute “école Boulle“, which allows me to precisely realize ideas and projects.

Today, I search for the almost sensuous harmony, the very special atmosphere that just makes you feel well. By using very high-grade materials and exceptional products, I combine both the classic and the contemporary style – and call this style ‘timeless elegance’. I love natural colours that show off materials to their full advantage by their depth of colour and special quality, as is done on a painting.

Being an interior decorator, I have the advantage of being able to deploy a multitude of materials and products to create one singular painting.

The possibilities are endless, the projects numerous and diverse – only the result is unique.

Vanina Henry